ABBC Event Frequently Asked Questions

You need to follow a few easy steps, which includes downloading our ABBC MC Wallet App on App Store/Google Play. Fill in the registration form inside the application and follow the instructions on the app. The Airdrop will be giving away 100 ABBC to first 500,000 users who download the wallet until 50,000,000 ABBC is given away. Joining our social media community will keep you updated with all events and progress of ABBC for the Airdrop.

Yes, your referral link can be use to get multiple coins. You will receive extra 20 ABBC for each referral.

You can get your coin right after ABBC MC Wallet Event finish.

The Airdrop will be running until 50,000,000 ABBC is given away and the event will finish when we have hit our 500,000 registrant.

You will receive 20 ABBC per friend you refer. Please check out the dashboard to see how many friends you have referred.

After completing the form each registrant gets a unique referral link on your wallet.

If you have a question about the event specifically please contact ABBC Alert directly: